Moein at the Amsterdam RAI, Nowruz 2017

Bring with us a land, so distant in time and space, to Amsterdam. Moein at the Amsterdam RAI will be the biggest and most beautiful celebration of Persian culture and history of 2017 in the Netherlands. After Moeins thundering success at the Royal Concertgebouw in 2015 Tara Events wants to enchant you once more. Let us sing, laugh and cry. Come to the Amsterdam RAI the 18th of March 2017.

After his breakthrough in the 80’s Moein has only grown ever bigger internationally. He is generally regarded as one of the biggest Iranian singers of our time and many of his songs have grown to be true classics. Around the world the Iranian diaspora know his lyrics. Moein represents an Iran that still exists in the harts of many. At Nowruz 2017, the 18th of March, harts will open to the sounds of Moein and this Iran will come alive for all to see and admire.

Watch the video of 2015 and see what you can expect.